Which organism Below is an example of a decomposer? [Solved] (2022)

What is an example of a Decomposer organism?

Most decomposers are microscopic organisms, including protozoa and bacteria. Other decomposers are big enough to see without a microscope. They include fungi along with invertebrate organisms sometimes called detritivores, which include earthworms, termites, and millipedes.... read more ›

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Which organisms below are examples of decomposers?

Explanation: A decomposer is an organism that breaks down organic material. This includes the remains of dead organisms. Bacteria, worms, snails, slugs, and fungi are types of decomposers.... read more ›

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What are 10 decomposers examples?

Table 1: Difference between Decomposers and Detritivores
Examples of decomposers: fungi, bacteria, earthworms, insectsExamples of detritivores: millipedes, earthworms, crabs, flies, etc.
3 more rows
Jun 16, 2022

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What are 4 decomposers?

A decomposer is an insect, invertebrate, fungi, bacteria, or organism that breaks down dead organic matter.... see details ›

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What are 5 examples of decomposers?

To better explain this process, we have featured some of the best examples of decomposers that live in different ecosystems.
  • Psychrophiles.
  • Protozoans. ...
  • Yeast. ...
  • Molds. ...
  • Pseudomonas fluorescens. ...
  • Grass Bacillus. ...
  • Saprobes. Saprobes/wood decomposers | Image credit: Wikimedia. ...
  • Mushroom. The fruiting body of mushrooms. ...
Jun 25, 2021

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What are decomposers answer?

Decomposers are organisms that break down dead or decaying organisms; they carry out decomposition, a process possible by only certain kingdoms, such as fungi.... view details ›

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Which of the following is a decomposer?

Thus, the correct answer is 'Fungi'.... see details ›

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What type of animal is a decomposer?

Decomposers are made up of the FBI (fungi, bacteria and invertebrates—worms and insects). They are all living things that get energy by eating dead animals and plants and breaking down wastes of other animals.... view details ›

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Is algae a decomposer?

Algae do not come under the group of decomposers instead they are categorized under the first producers. The primary producers are those that make their own food thus are called autotrophs. They undergo the process of photosynthesis. Algae are photosynthetic organisms.... continue reading ›

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Is Grass a decomposer?

Any organism that can make its own food with energy from the sun, carbon dioxide and water is called an ​autotroph​, which is also known as a ​primary producer. ​ Therefore, grass is a producer, and so are trees, bushes, flowers and all other members of the plant kingdom.... see more ›

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Are plants decomposers?

Plant decomposers are saprophytic fungi and bacteria that absorb nutrients from non-living organic material such as fallen plants material and the wastes of living organisms and convert them into organic forms. The bacteria belong to kingdom-Monera while fungi belong to Fungi.... view details ›

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What is the best decomposer?

Fungi. The primary decomposer of litter in many ecosystems is fungi. Unlike bacteria, which are unicellular organisms and are decomposers as well, most saprotrophic fungi grow as a branching network of hyphae.... see more ›

Which organism Below is an example of a decomposer? [Solved] (2022)

Which is a decomposer?

Decomposers (fungi, bacteria, invertebrates such as worms and insects) have the ability to break down dead organisms into smaller particles and create new compounds. We use decomposers to restore the natural nutrient cycle through controlled composting.... read more ›

What are decomposers answer?

(a) Micro-organisms that break down the complex organic compounds present in dead plants and animals and their products, such as faeces and urine, into simpler substances are called decomposers. Bacteria are decomposers.... view details ›

Which of the following is a decomposer?

Thus, the correct answer is 'Fungi'.... continue reading ›

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