What Huggies wipes are recalled? (2023)

What Huggies wipes have been recalled?

See below an important update on the wipes recall which we commenced on 24 December 2021 concerning Huggies Thick Baby Wipes Fragrance Free - Limited Edition, Tropical (The Little Mermaid design) (80s and 3 x 80s packs) in Australia.

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Does Huggies have a recall 2021?

The recall is limited to the batches described below, both produced on 21 July 2021. After testing, it has been identified that a bacterium (burkholderia cepacia) may be present in these wipes.

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How do I know if my baby wipes are recalled?

To check if specific baby wipes have been recalled, consumers can check the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) website.

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Is there a recall on baby wipes 2022?

“A message has been sent to all stores on April 25, 2022 to remove specific lot numbers of the Parent's Choice Baby Wipes and to send those specific lots to the Return Centers.”

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Is there a recall on Parents Choice Baby Wipes 2022?

No, there isn't any recall on Parent's Choice Formula in 2022. However, Walmart removed Parent's Choice Baby Wipes from store shelves over quality issues.

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Why are my baby wipes turning brown?

A spokesperson for the retailer tells Eat This, Not That! that the supplier alerted them to the issue as "some of the wipes turning brown when exposed to air. This discoloration is caused by a reaction of the product with air and in some cases, may also result in temporary staining of skin."

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Are Huggies baby wipes non toxic?

Huggies Wipes

These are the best baby wipes I have used so far. They are super moist with enough thickness to clean the messiness of any diaper change. They are also natural with no harmful chemicals.

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Are Walmart baby wipes recalled?

Adding to the confusion, some reports claimed the wipes were recalled due to heavy metal contamination. Walmart is still investigating the quality issue, but the retailer said rumors that the wipes were pulled because of arsenic or mercury contamination are false.

Are Huggies wipes safe to use?

The #1 branded wipe*, Huggies Wipes are dermatologically tested and hypo-allergenic. In addition, Natural Care sensitive wipes are fragrance-free, alcohol-free and paraben-free, and they contain no phenoxyethanol or MIT. You can feel confident you're giving your baby a safe, gentle clean with every wipe.

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Do Huggies wipes have fiberglass in them?

We have received results from independent testing of the first samples and can confirm there is no glass or fiberglass in the wipes. For more information, please visit https://www.huggies.com/en-us/wipes-faq.

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Is there a lawsuit against Huggies?

As a result of what the case alleges to be Kimberly-Clark's “negligent manufacturing, design, and promotion” of Huggies Snug & Dry diapers, a “significant number” of children who've worn the diapers have developed a reaction that may manifest as “rashes, blistering, peeling, and what appear to be chemical burns,” the ...

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What wipes are best for newborn?

Pampers Sensitive Water Baby Wipes are our top pick because these perfume-free, hypoallergenic wipes are perfect for babies' delicate skin. For a wipe that is completely free of chemicals, we recommend WaterWipes, which are made from 99.9% purified water.

What Huggies wipes are recalled? (2023)
Why are baby wipes being recalled?

Attention Parents: A Nationwide Recall Has Been Issued for Bacterial Contamination of 10 Brands of Baby Wipes. Parents around the country use baby wipes on their infants and young toddlers many times a day, never suspecting that these products may be unsanitary or unsafe for use on a baby's or child's skin.

Where is the lot number on wipes?

14, 2020. Consumers can can check if their product is one of those being recalled by looking for the specific lot numbers found on the bottom of the package.

How do I find out if my product has been recalled?

Visit these websites to find the latest on safety recalls:
  1. Recalls.gov lists recalls from federal agencies. ...
  2. Safercar.gov publishes safety information on vehicles and equipment such as children's car seats.
  3. FSIS.USDA.gov lists meat, sausage, poultry, and processed egg product recalls.
12 Sept 2022

What Walmart wipes were recalled?

Did Parent's Choice Baby Wipes Get Recalled? “Walmart proactively removed select lot numbers of Parents Choice baby wipes from stores due to a quality issue. We are working closely with the supplier and FDA to investigate the issue. Customers may return the product to any Walmart store for a refund.”

Why is Huggies recalled?

The reason for the recall is that a bacterium called burkholderia cepacian was identified after testing. Huggies said while the bacteria poses "little medical risk to healthy people" it may cause serious infections or other health issues in people who have a weakened immune system.

Are Huggies baby wipes non toxic?

Huggies Wipes

These are the best baby wipes I have used so far. They are super moist with enough thickness to clean the messiness of any diaper change. They are also natural with no harmful chemicals.

What Walmart wipes are recalled?

The Miami Herald reports that according to an alleged product removal notice sent to Walmart stores that has been posted on social media and parent forums, at least 18 lots with Lot Nos. L22075-L22085 and L22089-L22095 of Parent's Choice Unscented wipes and Scented wipes are part of the recall.

Do Huggies have glass in them?

Huggies Wipes have a long history of safe use and we have stringent quality controls in place, and no glass is used during the manufacture of our wipes. As parents ourselves, we know you may have additional questions or concerns, which is why we have created a FAQs page: https://www.huggies.com/en-us/wipes-faq.

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