Synonym for urn? (2023)

What is a large urn called?

A companion cremation urn is a larger urn that will comfortably hold the cremains of two individuals. Most companion urns hold approximately 400 cubic inches of cremated remains and come with either a single chamber two chambers to keep the ashes separate.

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What is the meaning of you are an urn?

: a vessel that is typically an ornamental vase on a pedestal and that is used for various purposes (such as preserving the ashes of the dead after cremation) : a closed vessel usually with a spigot for serving a hot beverage.

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What is another name for interment?

burial. nounlaying in of dead body. burying. deep six. deposition.

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What is the definition urn burial?

noun. : burial in which a pottery vessel is used as a grave repository for the ashes and bones of the corpse.

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What do you call an urn for ashes?

Funerary urns (also called cinerary urns and burial urns) have been used by many civilizations. After death, corpses are cremated, and the ashes are collected and put in an urn.

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What are Greek urns called?

The best-known type of Ancient Greek vase is the storage or transport vessel called the amphora, though other types include the pithos, pelike, hydria, and pyxis.

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What is the verb of urn?

Verb. urn (third-person singular simple present urns, present participle urning, simple past and past participle urned)

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How do you honor someone's ashes?

7 Ways to Honor Your Loved One's Cremated Remains
  1. Create a work of art. Ashes can be used to create a painting. ...
  2. Slowly release cremated remains into the ocean. ...
  3. Launch ashes into space. ...
  4. Take to the skies. ...
  5. Use cremated ashes in a memorial tattoo. ...
  6. Wear ashes in one-of-a-kind jewelry. ...
  7. Create a candle urn.
Mar 10, 2022

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Are urns only for ashes?

The term is especially often used for funerary urns, vessels used in burials, either to hold the cremated ashes or as grave goods, but is used in many other contexts. Large sculpted vases are often called urns, whether placed outdoors, in gardens or as architectural ornaments on buildings, or kept inside.

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What do you call a place to bury ashes?

Interment of ashes refers to cremated remains being buried in the ground or placed in a columbarium. A columbarium is a building specially designed to hold ashes. Interment is ideal for people who do not wish for their ashes to be scattered or displayed in the home.

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What is the word for burial of ashes?

Interment is the process of putting cremation ashes in a permanent resting place that you can visit. Interring ashes can meaning burying them or putting them in a Columbarium — a building, room, or freestanding wall designed to hold urns.

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What is the word for cremated remains?

Cremains (or cremated remains) is a more accurate label for the commonly used phrase “cremation ashes.” After all, the remains you receive as a result of your loved one's cremation aren't ashes but are instead the bodily remains of the person you loved.

Synonym for urn? (2023)
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